For a smooth, flavourful smoking session,

Just Add Bottle!

Smoking herb on the go can be tricky. Joints or blunts don’t deliver the smooth smoke that comes with water filtration, and lugging a traditional bong around is impractical. The solution? Just Add Bottle, a compact accessory that turns your favourite glass juice bottle into a ripping water-pipe.

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What Is JAB?

Compact With A Large Chamber

Compact design and detachable piece goes anywhere.

Universally Compatible

Works with standard single serve bottles around the world.

Travel Friendly

Small in size, big in delivery.


Add flavour with your favourite juice and mix it up with different bowls and stems.

Easy To Clean

No fixed bong base or tricky spots to clear out.

Smart Packaging

Package re-seals to be your carrying case!

How To Use


J.A.B was first thought up back in 1992 by a few friends in Toronto, Ontario (AKA the 6ix). We built the first prototype with little more than a bottle cap, a straw, some odds and ends, and a lot of silicone. It looked a little rough around the edges but it smoked like a dream. Needless to say it was an instant hit in our circle and after too many sessions to count, my cousin refined the original J.A.B and came up with a sleek, sophisticated design he crafted with soldered parts and copper. It was then I knew we were on to something.

Fast forward to 2018. The smoke has cleared and cannabis is now favourable in thirty states and the District of Columbia, while Canada is in the process of officially legalizing recreational use on a federal level. Meanwhile, I've been hard at work making J.A.B the best travel friendly bong it can be. It's come a long way since 1992. I've had it professionally packaged, working with people in the know to polish the look and get the word out there. And here we are today, J.A.B is no longer a dream, but a smooth smoking reality available for everyone to enjoy.